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Harley-Davidson: Welcome To The Family

Category:VHS Tape
Published:Harley-Davidoson Motor Company, None
Creator:Harleywood Productions
Manufacturer:Harley-Davidoson Motor Company
Publisher:Harley-Davidoson Motor Company
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1. pegasus
LIKE-NEW HARLEY-DAVIDSON "WELCOME TO THE FAMILY" VHS TAPE; HD Part # 99440-03 (c) 2002 Harley-Davidson Motor Company; Original Retail Price: $20; THIS TAPE IS LIKE NEW IN ITS ORIGINAL WRAPPER. 1 Pt. Wrapper is different than one shown.
Condition: Like New
Inventory Msg: 3 POINT MIN REQUEST. PM ME FOR CASES. I do not receive TT email alerts. Send me an email at pegasus2u@hotmail.com if I don't responded within 48 hrs. TT FORUM: http://pub18.bravenet.com/forum/static/show.php? usernum=1535084683&frmid=4798
May 12th, 2017 1 Point

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